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- Burn passionately for best quality - We Whisky-Pioneers from Upper Bavaria are real persuasion burners. And that has to be the case, because the passion with which we practice our craft is a prerequisite for the highest quality. In each of us burns the passion with which SLYRS one of the best Whiskys the world manufactures. According to the international awards, ours SLYRS Whiskys win, we are far ahead with our art. But as one of the biggest Whisky-manufacturer Germany, we are not resting on our laurels. We are constantly developing and maintaining our pioneering role in the German market Whisky-Market upright. With courage, inventiveness and Bavarian charm, we strive for the future - for many more passionate ones SLYRS Whisky- Creations of the highest quality that are at home at Schliersee and at home in the world.

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